Say Hello to Credit Card Payments with PetPoint

Every organization needs to accept credit and debit cards. That’s why PetPoint has partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems to bring you the ability to process all your customer payments directly through our software.


This means you never have to leave the software to run a payment and you save time & money by eliminating manual reconciliation and duplication errors.

Simple, Efficient, Convenient

What you get with PetPoint Payment Processing:

  • 100% Integrated Credit Card Processing: Simply swipe the credit card in the device and all payments are made in the software and recorded in the software – meaning no manual reconciliation!
  • Highest Level of Security: PetPoint’s payment processing partner Bluefin protects your customers’ sensitive payment data with tokenization and point-to-point encryption.
  • Low Rates: PetPoint and Bluefin will MEET OR BEAT your current processing rates.

Free Rate Analysis

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Bluefin Benefits


Provide your customers the convenience of paying with their debit/credit card.

Process Anywhere

Process transactions through your PC, on your mobile phone, on your website, or in-person with our secure payment options.

Everything You Need

Process credit cards, debit cards, ACH and recurring payments.

PCI Compliance

Our focus is to reduce your PCI compliance investment with our unique security technologies.